Mountain Buggy Bagrider

Code: BB5767

Mountain Buggy Bagrider

A novel idea from those clever Kiwi's at Mountain Buggy HQ. In simple terms a hand luggage case that can accomodate a seated little person at the same time. A simple idea that puts you ahead of the crowd whilst sailing through the airport terminal.

  • In suitcase mode no one knows better simply a sturdy travelling case
  • In toddler mode watch those heads turn. Simply twist a button and out comes a easy to attach cushioned seat liner. The toddler sits on the case and rests on the extended handle.
  • Retractable wheels make for 4 wheel mode with child on board and then back to 2 wheels when just a case.
  • Seat liner features a 3 point safety harness to keep your toddler safe.
  • Tested to 15kg


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